Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Open Letter to the LPoC (Bloggers Edition)

Dear Liberal Bloggers:


Going over my RSS reader, I'm noticing a shocking lack of, well, shock. This is one of the worst weeks in the Conservative Party's post "progressive" history, and the perfect moment to sink the knives in and give happy, gleeful twists... and yet what do I see?

Ruminations about Albertan budgets!

Apologies for minivans!

Bits on Earth Day!

And bits on Colbert from last week!

And all this while they're so off message that a bunch of Conservatives are pathetically whining about the raiding cops "pushing their way in" and wearing Flak jackets!

For all the crap that Cherniak takes--especially from me--at least he's been on the ball on all this.

Do you think Kos would stand for this? NO! Do you think Digby would stand for this? NO! Do you think those "Bloggin' Tories" would stand rest on their hideously enlarged knuckles for this?


They'd be making all kinds of fun insinuations and accusations and jokes and barely disguised "analysis" that all amounts to "hah, hah, your guy's a loser and he's going to end up dying alone in a gutter!" That's what you need! That's what you want!


(Regards, that one person with the historical/fictional pseudonym.)

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