Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dear Stephane Dion...

Good Job.

"The allegation is that the Conservative party cheated at the last election... tried to cover it up after and (were) caught," Dion told reporters in Montreal.

Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe called the prime minister "a control freak" for a weekend attempt by the Tories to leak details of the allegations to select reporters in advance of Monday's court-ordered release...

...Dion said the money could have influenced the outcome of the January 2006 election, which saw the Grits ousted from power and the Tories form a minority government.

"Yes, it may have had an effect," Dion said. "We'll never know for sure, but you don't cheat for nothing. You cheat because you want to have an effect. You want to have more voters for you in an illegal way."

Well done.

You too, Jason.

Remember kids: "Cheat" early, and "cheat" often.

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