Monday, April 21, 2008

Open Letter to the Canadian Liberals:

Because, hey, I like liberals.


Use that word. Whenever you're talking about the In 'n Out scandal, the lawsuits, the breaking of elections law... say they "cheated".

Saying "defraud" and "mislead" and "misdirected" and whatnot isn't going to hit the public where they live. It isn't going to make them feel that what happened was wrong. No, it's cheat all the way. Everybody knows what cheating is, and everybody was taught as a child that cheating is wrong. Don't fight that. USE it.

Say "they cheated". "They are being investigated for cheating". "Elections Canada says they cheated'. If in question period, ask about why they thought they could "cheat and get away with it". Yes, acknowledge that there's a lawsuit and whatnot, but let's face it- if they could sue you, they would have already, big ten-dollar words or no.

They said the same thing about you with that advertising nonsense. So throw it right back in their faces, the big cheaters.

Edit: Or, if you want to get cute...

"I'm not saying they cheated...."

"We need to fully investigate this possible cheating..."

"Some people would call this cheating..."

"Don't you want the public to be confident that their government didn't cheat?"

"investigation for possible cheating..."

And so on. If you can't out-and-out say "cheat", dance around "cheat". As long as the word "cheat" ends up in there somewhere, that's what people will focus on. In fact, using a bunch of long obtuse words might help there, because people will fixate on the shortest, clearest, sharpest word. You want that word to be "cheat".

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