Saturday, March 01, 2008

You Know How You Can Tell This "Cadscam" is Serious

Whatzisname hasn't written a word about it.

He's in a bit of a tight spot. He can't defend (Canada's PM) Stephen Harper without losing pretty much every drop of liberal/progressive cred he has remaining. Yet he's extremely friendly with Harper, and it's very useful for the provincial Liberals--that he vigorously supports--to have federal conservatives to beat up. So he can't truly rip into Harper, because this stands a serious chance of being Canada's equivalent of the Mark Foley scandal, and it's possible Harper might go down under this.

He's between a rock and a hard place... so instead he's going on and on about web metrics and how that weird, idiosyncratic comments system he had on the site for fifteen seconds was vulnerable to a DOS attack.

(No, I don't get why he doesn't just add Haloscan either.)

Me, were I attached to the Liberal party in any way, I'd be running this into the ground. Sure worked for the Dems.

Edit: My mistake. Apparently he is writing about it, if you interpret "writing about it" as "spinning as hard for Harper as he can".

I was not aware that a Notice of Libel was coming, but this development doesn't really surprise me, either. Given how unusual it is for a Prime Minister to sue a Leader of the Opposition for libel - I don't know if that has ever happened, in fact - I'd hazard a guess that this isn't the action of someone who fears a full airing of the facts.

Again, this "scandal" didn't ever seem like one, to me. A million dollar insurance policy on a man who was known to be dying? A book on the same subject being flogged hither and yon? All of it suggested some caution was in order, n'est-ce pas?

We'll see if I'm right, I guess. In the meantime, that sound you hear is the sound of various bloggers and journalists reviewing what they've published, to see if they might have crossed a line, too.

UPDATE: The Tory "sources" who are telling Fife that the legal action is all about politics are doing their leader no service. Few judges like to hear that their court is being used for political payback.
Attacking Tories for "not doing their leader service", repeating "not a scandal" talking points, and trying to describe a SLAPP suit as proof of honesty...

...honestly, is the man even trying to look like a liberal anymore?

Seriously, maybe that's why I'm this irritated. This is Canada's master spin doctor? The DLC hides their proclivities better than this.

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