Monday, March 03, 2008

Good Writeup on Ep. 9 of The Wire

You can find an excellent writeup of what some are calling "the best episode of The Wire" over on Alan Sepinwall's blog:

Many On Demand viewers have already called "Late Editions" the best "Wire" episode ever, and while I would need to go back and revisit the closing chapters of previous seasons (season one's "Cleaning Up" and last season's "Final Grades" in particular) before I make my ruling, I think what everyone's responding to is how the hour touches on everything that makes "The Wire" great. It begins tying together all the disparate story threads, reminding us why all the slow set-up at the beginning of each season is so important, but it also hits all of the feelings mentioned above, and so many more. I know the phrase "emotional roller-coaster" is a cliche of a cliche, but damn if I didn't feel like I was riding one throughout this episode.
It's got spoilers, so if you're one of those people who is slowly catching up to the show on DVD, don't read it. If you are watching what is still The Best Damned Show on Television, though, get clickin'.

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