Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Other Comment...

Look, I know it's frustrating to be a Clinton supporter right now. Hell, it's probably frustrating to be anything but an Obama supporter right now.

But, honestly? You aren't going to get any traction with that "SEAT MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA AS THEY ARE!!" nonsense you keep on pushing on any site remotely favorable to Clinton. Everybody knew going into both Michigan and Florida that those primaries weren't going to count, and to claim that that doesn't irretrievably pervert the results is just being deliberately disingenuous in ways that will drive others away from you.

The time to advocate seating Florida and Michigan was before the primaries, not now. The Dems in both states knew what as going on, knew they had options, and went with it anyway out of the hope that Dean would back down and cement their positions as new early primaries. Clinton campaigned in both states out of that expectation too. To even try to hint otherwise, and especially to try to paint caucuses with the same brush, just makes you sound like shills.

(Edit: "how dare you call me a racist, you horrible misogynist!" doesn't help either.)

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