Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And now we know the right-wing response...

Obama gives a great speech about the problems with the black experience in America, the flaws and glories of the nation, the need to stick by people even when you disagree with them, and what do we get as the response?

Rich Lowry and a thousand ignorant trolls calling it The Throw Your Grandmother Under the Bus Speech.

No matter what you think of Obama and Wright, I think all people of sound mind can agree:

Rich Lowry is an asshole.

Edit: Well, ok. It's the corner. They're all assholes.

But they're interesting assholes, in that they're all working really hard to find the best talking points to spin this thing in their favor. They think that Wright was a political gift, and Obama taking the only tack that would have helped him, the "I disagree with him vehemently, but I don't abandon people because Republicans don't like them", may well have stripped them of the issue. Considering that the Republicans are basically fucked in the upcoming cycle and a lot of the deep private-sector pockets they rely on are going to be a wee bit less generous in the coming recession, they're probably pretty panicky right now.

They're flailing about blindly trying to find something to hold on to, and this "grandmother" bit is the best they've got. Certainly Derbyshire feebly moaning about how segregation "was only the law in a minority of states" in the 1950s isn't going to get any traction beyond the 19 percenters.

I mean, yes, Derbyshire is a giant racist so he's not the best one to figure out the response in the first place, but even so, that's pretty damned feeble.

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