Sunday, May 21, 2006

Post Editors Cry "Quick, Give Me Cover!"

Warren Kinsella is happy to oblige, as he ignores the beam in his newspaper's eye to point out the mote in the Toronto Star's.

He attacks the Toronto Star for this article, which is complimentary to Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory, as being a betrayal of the Star's liberal principles.

He then goes on:

Sitting here in church, waiting for Mass to begin, I observe, by way of conclusion, merely this: I, a Calgary communist, love writing for the conservative National Post. They are conservatives, and they are honest about it, even when they are on the losing side (and they ask me to write for them, notwithstanding that they know my own views on things like Iraq or or Bush or tax cuts). But the so-called Atkinson Principles? It is to laugh.

With Post, at least, they walk the talk, you know?
Indeed they do! When they let people make up stories about Iran, they make a point of ensuring that little things like facts and plausibility doesn't stand in the way of The Truth. Never mind that their token liberal inveighed against the use of Nazi comparisons by the paper's critics- when it's the Mothership that's threatened, he'll pull out all the stops.

(Like that "wiped off the face of the earth" bit, which Juan Cole ripped the heart out of ages ago. There's no such phrase in Persian, and the real one it's translated from ("removed from the pages of history") is much milder and was a restatement of an old Khomeini quote to boot.)

So now we have Warren Colmes (or, if you'd prefer, Alan Kinsella) desperately attacking the Star for supposedly betraying it's liberal values, in order to distract from his own employer betraying its journalistic ones. Guess this is payback for Zerb cleaning their clock, and this (convieniently ignored) story about how the Post wouldn't even return the Star's phone calls.

Oh well. The token "Calgary Communist" has to feed his family somehow. I just hope he finds honest work someday.

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