Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Memo to Warren Kinsella

While I can understand your position, this kind of crap won't stand:

I know some of them truly, truly agonized over this. But as I said to one MP, hours before the vote: "Forget about the strategy crap, like how it will look politically that we send the troops over there, and now we are changing our minds. Forget about that. Think about the fact that we are there because it is the right thing to do, and that we are there alongside the rest of the world. That's what counts." I didn't bother to ask him how he would feel about a vote to withdraw, on the day that is inexorably coming - on the day when a bomb detonates in a Canadian city's subway system. None of this will seem very distant and abstract, then.
Most of this argument is fine. The bolded part, however, is the kind of ridiculously manipulative twaddle that poisoned the debate over Iraq in the United States, and Canadians (Liberals, no less!) should have no part in.

Scare tactics about possible bombs in the Toronto subway system, aside from necessarily being based on a complete misinterpretation of Al Qaeda's current organizational structure, are no way of winning an argument.

Warren asserts that a loss in the vote would have "condemned the Liberal Party to the moral wilderness for years to come. God's Truth". Sorry, Warren, but considering what that sort of argument has engendered in the past few years, I'd say that this post places you more firmly in the wilderness than this vote could ever have.

God's Truth.

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