Friday, August 22, 2003

Wow... this is amazing news:

Just over two in five (43%) likely voters say they would choose President Bush over a Democratic candidate, and a like number (43%) preferred a Democrat if the election were held today, compared to July polling by Zogby International where 48% would choose Bush and 43% would favor any Democrat.
Jessequoted a few other things from this polls, but not this tidbit, and I thought it was the most significant of the bunch. After all, approval ratings are inherently unreliable due to the nature of the presidency itself- the president is an executive that represents the American people, and that tends to lead to a positive reaction no matter what. Just because they support their current leader doesn't mean they'll want to keep him for the next round. What matters there is their intention to actually re-elect the guy, and when he's even against a random Democrat... that says a lot.

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