Thursday, August 28, 2003

Found on CalPundit, a quote from an LA Times article that I really liked:

"We were prisoners of our own beliefs," said a senior U.S. weapons expert who recently returned from a stint with the survey group. "We said Saddam Hussein was a master of denial and deception. Then when we couldn't find anything, we said that proved it, instead of questioning our own assumptions."
Hence the problem with the type of reasoning made for the war that I highlighted way back before the war started: arguing that Saddam is "breaking U.N. resolutions on WMD" by "deceiving inspectors to hide his weapons" requires you to assume that, um, he actually has the weapons in the first place.

Otherwise the only thing you've caught Saddam with is screwing up paperwork, and invasion based on that rationale is ludicrous. Might as well invade the DMV.

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