Sunday, August 10, 2003

Astonishingly depressing email exchange in the Guardian yesterday on the question of Israel and the Palestinians. It was between Roman Bronfman (a member of the Knesset) and Israel Harel (a settler), and mostly featured the two correspondants talking past each other. This was especially the case with Israel, who seemed to be pushing a variation on transfer, seems never to have heard of the utter failure of pan-Arabism (which puts the lie his "all Arabs are the same people" arguments), complains that the use of the term "West Bank" is somehow a plot against Israelis, appears to believe that empty desert is as suitable for habitation as anywhere else, and argues that Jordan and Egypt will be only too happy to give up their territory to a new Palestinian state so that Israel can keep part of the West Bank and Gaza, defying all history and logic.

I can understand that there's no small amount of self-interest here, I wouldn't want to have to move either, but come on.

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