Monday, August 25, 2003

Great Piece by Jeff Fecke:

Before the war, the righty blogs had all the mojo. Reading Insty or Lileks or Mitch Berg's site was fun, because they were so damn giddy. They knew they had the momentum, they knew the big issue of the day favored them, and they were joyous.

Meanwhile, the lefty blogs were either dispairing or furious or, in my case (and a few more notable cases, like TPM), circumspect. The left knew we were on the wrong side of the White House door, and while not all of us opposed the war outright, most all of us were leery, to say the least, at the way the war was sold and prosecuted.

Fast-forward six months, and look around. Kos is at the top of his game, Josh Marshall is witty as Hell, Pandagon has found his voice, Atrios rules, and...well, pretty much any lefty blog you stumble into is sweetness and light, while righty sites grumble about media coverage and why people don't see things like they do.

And I realize something: We've got the mojo now...
I had been noticing this too, although mostly in the context of increased liberal blog hit counts and the fact that Dean's campaign is at least partially blog-driven. He has a warning, though:

We must guard against hubris. I don't think that's going to be hard to do. If the ego hasn't been kicked out of the Democrats in the last four years, it never will be. We have to scrap and fight like the future of the world depends on how we do--because it does. We must never stop working, never stop trying, never stop doing.

But we have the advantage, my friends. If we move together, for once, we can leverage that advantage into victory in 2004, and whether the person being cheered is Howard Dean or Wesley Clark or Dennis Kucinich, I'll be cheering loud and proud.
I find Kucinich unlikely, but not the other two, and people are going to pay attention to the liberal blog scene more than they have before.

(Yeah, this conflicts with Max's post below. Maybe it's my own blog fatigue talking.)

(Thanks to Ezra Klein for pointing this out, and remember: Flood the Zone!)

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