Thursday, July 17, 2003

If what Bob Novak, David Corn and Calpundit say is true, it's possible that senior Bush officials (someone on Calpundit points out "deputy level or higher") may have blown the cover of a CIA agent for political purposes. This is terrible news if true. It threatens her life and the lives of others, it ruins her career, and (as Mark Kleiman points out), it's a crime punishable by five years in prison. Kleiman hopes that it's wrong, and that we aren't looking at the possibility that the Bush administration has sunk to a level of political depravity unmatched in American history.

I'm with Kleiman on this:

But this latest -- if true, which we, or at least I, don't know -- would involve a completely different magnitude of villainy. Deliberately outing one of your own spies as an act of political revenge would be a truly unforgivable deed, and one that wouldn't become any more forgivable if tomorrow MI5 produced an invoice for 300 tons of yellowcake with Saddam Hussein's signature and thumbprint on it as the recipient.
Somebody needs to follow this up. This must not be buried.

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