Thursday, July 17, 2003

By the way, I hadn't commented on this, but Lawrence Lessig is currently having Howard Dean guest-blog on his site (latest entry is here), and both he and Joe Trippi have said that he will be reading the comments on the site and responding when and if he can. It's a hell of a gesture; it's far beyond the level of, say, Clinton with his sax on Arsenio. So if you wish to say your piece to the Man of the Hour, this is your chance.

(That being said, keep in mind that Lessig's blog is about copyright and trademark issues, so the discussions largely revolve around those issues. Questions about the war are not really germane, but aren't verboten either.)

Lessig himself is a great writer who has been a strong influence on my own views in regards to information technology, the Internet, networking and, yes, blogging. Even if you aren't a Dean backer, there's lots of great stuff to look through.

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