Tuesday, July 15, 2003

After having tried to put up (then quickly take down) a paypal donation button a few months ago, I've switched some things around and have once again placed a donation button on the site. With any luck, there won't be any problems this time, but email me or leave a comment immediately if there are any problems. Donations will be put toward switching this site to Blogger Pro and the upgraded Blogspot, so that I can add RSS, XML, titles, pictures, and all those other Blogger Pro and upgraded Blogspot goodies. They'll also be put towards humbler but necessary things; it's not like I'm going to be able to line up for Scaife dollars. Heh.

(Ideally, I'd like to switch to the upgraded services soon before or after switching templates, but that depends on how much pent-up generosity there is among my readers.)

Donors of outstanding generosity (defined as "the kind that makes me involuntarily whistle and/or swear under my breath") will be mentioned on the blog and have their names placed over yonder near the blogroll, if they wish. (I might do something more involved after the move) I'd be more than happy to support those that support me. All donations of any denomination, though, will be thoroughly appreciated.

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