Tuesday, July 08, 2003

As a concrete example of how things have changed, I give you the top five blogs on N.Z. Bear's average traffic listings:

1) Instapundit 34681 visits/day (1)
2) Daily Kos / Political State Report 17648 visits/day (2)
3) Eschaton (Atrios) 15089 visits/day (5)
4) Gizmodo : The Gadgets Weblog 12125 visits/day (629)
5) Tom Tomorrow 11841 visits/day (23)
Incredible: although Instapundit still manages a higher number of visits than any other blogger by a wide margin, three of the other four in the top five (and a large proportion of the top ten) are liberal bloggers- and together, their visitor numbers do exceed Instapundit's.

(At number 11 is Howard Dean 2004. Which says a lot as well.)

My own humble site sits at 110, for those who are wondering. As these are average numbers, however, and as I've had a few periods where I haven't been updating much due to being busy or technological trials, it doesn't quite reflect what my visitor numbers really are on any given day. Then again, Kos' numbers might not reflect properly, either.

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