Monday, July 02, 2007

Scooter's Pardoned, Above the Law

Ok, that's not quite what it is, but Bush essentially pardoned him. He still has to pay a fine and serve probation, but he doesn't have to go to jail.

I'd say "ooh, wonder what that's going to do to his numbers", but it's pretty clear that he doesn't care what his numbers are, and Lord Cheney CERTAINLY doesn't. What he cares about is rewarding a loyal soldier: one who served his purpose well in obscuring things enough that the right's mouthpieces could bleat "no underlying crime".

Meanwhile, somebody is, I have no doubt, still serving unwarranted time because the legal aid system is so woefully terrible in the state Bush used to run.

The sad part, once again, is that I'm not surprised.

Edit: Avedon Carol argues that this is the final, living proof that the only solution is impeachment. The adminstration has shown us that they will not abide by the will of the judicial branch, and they have the power to get away with it. The only exception, the single exception, is impeachment. They have no power over that. That's why it's important.

Avedon also claims that Obama dropped the ball, because he used his (well-deserved) attack on Bush's subversion of the rule of law to say that it's proof of the need to end the "bitter partisanship" in Washington. This is all Republican, she complains, why share it out both ways? I agree, for the most part, but keep in mind messaging- he wants to be The Optimist, and playing the attack dog right now won't help that. I can't disagree with that per se; being the attack dog is what we're for.


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