Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Academic intimidation: DENIED

Looks like the outcry over Harry Reid's attempt to intimidate colleges on behalf of the MPAA and RIAA has had the desired effect; the particular amendment is dead, dead, dead. The academics didn't want to be forced to use questionable filtering software foisted on them by the MPAA/RIAA, and the users... well, I think at this point users mostly want the MPAA and RIAA to jump in a lake, but that's neither here nor there.

There is something remaining, but...

Inside Higher Ed has a nice writeup on the developments, noting that after Reid pulled his amendment, another one was inserted into the bill, which then passed the Senate. This final amendment, though, was almost innocuous: colleges simply need to publish a couple of notices to students about how illicit file-swapping is wrong.
And it is, but that doesn't mean the RIAA gets to play Gestapo over it.

Me, I'm just glad that I get to applaud the Dems for something for a change.

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