Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Swear, Always the Last to Know

So a few weeks ago, back during the "Digby has ovaries???!?" brouhaha, somebody said that they were a little sad that the reveal wasn't a bigger deal, akin to Demosthenes coming out as Peter in Ender's Game.

Ezra Klein, saying "people have no sense of history", reminded everybody that I, er, still exist:

Better not call her Demosthenes. Demosthenes is a grandfather of the blogosphere. If I'm not wrong, he's the first lefty blogger I ever read. And I remember being stunned -- genuinely astonished -- to see the word "props" in the context of a serious political post. It, like, blew my mind, man, and was, in retrospect, a weirdly meaningful signal that this type of political commentary was somehow fundamentally different, and open to some no-nothing college kid. And speaking of Demosthenes, the aged grandfather of the blogosphere is still slinging pixels.
First, word up, dawg. Thanks for the, well, props.

Second, it's a testament to the weirdly accelerated nature of these here Internets that a little over five years is a really long time to some people. It doesn't feel like it to me; I sure as heck don't feel like any sort of "aged grandfather", that "oldschool" jibe that was in the masthead regardless. It's still just me, my pseudonym, my ideals, and my little non-optimally colored site, same as it ever was.

Even if I'm not a Peter Wiggin, or even a Duncan Black, I'm glad I have this soap box to stand on.

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