Friday, January 28, 2011

Military's in Alexandria and Suez

How does the phrase go? Ah, yes. This shit just got real.

The government's losing control. As they're saying on AJ right now, the government's trying to make concessions, but the demonstrators aren't buying it. They want SERIOUS change. And while one could argue that Tunisia was only a minor regional player, Egypt is about as major as you can get without being either Israel, Iran, or Saudi Arabia.

And, making this more complex, Egypt's an American ally. It's easy to cheer on democratic revolutions in places where you don't like the government. It's far more difficult when it's in countries like Egypt whose leadership is corrupt-but-convenient. Certainly there must be a lot of panicky conversations in Jerusalem right now, too, as they try to sort out what any future Egyptian government might look like and how it'll behave towards the quote-unquote "zionist entity".

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