Sunday, January 30, 2011

Horrifying Thought From Nicolas Kristoff

From his twitter: "Fabulous, giddy mood at Tahrir. Love the campfires. But 1 troubling thought: Tiananmen was the same before the shooting."

Yeah. Speaking of repressive regimes that everybody kind of avoids talking about...

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  1. Iraq's Saddam Hussein and the resulting experience comes to mind. Karzai is another CIA puppet.Intel Trends has some unsettling ideas.
    Time was you commented at Skippy that you'd like a reader for news that actually said what was going on.
    It's starting to happen - and I don't mean 'Foreign Policy' or those flogging al-CIA da either. ( Pak Alert is wild ).
    If you get the itch to satisfy your lust, I made one for people to emulate who don't have any more programming skills than I do : which is to say...zilch. gives the basics, and links page the RSS, plus there's a repost at adding more content yet.
    HuffPo is bragging up their coverage.
    Did I mention news sources are listed in my collections as well ?
    Even I'm starting to find it all Facebook is also one of my story collection sites.