Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hey, Bill Kristol: (Plus: State of the Union and Onion Panels)

America already has health care rationing, you twit. It's just that it's rationed on the basis of wealth.

I realize that may not bother you much, being the wealthy son of a wealthy, well-connected man. But that's small comfort to the poor kids whose share of health care resources you 
got to gobble up because you won the lucky sperm contest however many years ago it was.

C&L notes, quite rightly, that the insurance companies are the agents of rationing. But, really, it comes down to money.

(Well, that, and the process of demolishing any sort of public-spiritedness left in America by making people so terrified of the future that they work seventy-hour weeks for inadequate pay and hoard gold like fantasy dragons in case their kids get sick. But that's about money, too. Terrified workers don't buck for better pay.)

Edit: And while you're watching C&L and getting annoyed, here's Chris Matthew's panel sounding like an Onion New Network parody of themselves.  It'd be nice if even Andrew Sullivan had said "uh, actually the Dems got shellacked because of the weak job situation and because the base stayed home, it has nothing to do with this 'center' bullshit". But, as per usual, there were no real progressives on there. Just conservative Villagers, babbling the same old bullshit and punching the same old hippies.

I suspect that the State of the Union tomorrow will, in the eyes of historians fifty years from now, be cited as the moment when America completely lost its shit and the zombie conservativism that caused so much damage finally came back and finished it off. I don't think it'll be the election, since the election was basically a primal scream against the serial fuckups of the wealthy lackwits that these panelists are apologizing for. I think it'll be when said lackwits deliberately misinterpreted the message to finally rip away what little comforts the poor and (soon-to-be-extinct) middle class had left.

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