Monday, December 15, 2008

Wee Bit of a Folllowup

I made fun of Andrew Coyne over on Macleans for some ridiculous market fundamentalist hypocrisy, and since posting links there is always a bit tricky, I'll put my confirmatory sources here in a reprint with links attached:

Deficit financing? During a recession?


That sounds like Keynesianism, and that man Keynes was not only a communist but a sissy besides! Rock-ribbed (small-l) libertarians like Coyne will not stand for this! Especially considering Coyne has demonstrated that he can go it alone, without any intervention by the goverm…

[frantic whispering]

what’s that?

[more whispering]

Coyne regularly appears on government-financed public television, and edits a magazine that as, of 2006-2007, received $3.1 million from the “Publications Assistance Program” and $400,000 from the “Support for Editorial Content” component of the Canada Magazine Fund?

And also benefits from all the spending the government does on keeping foreign publications out and piracy prevention?

[confirmatory whisper]

Whoops. Er, never mind then.

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