Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looks like Al Won

Daily Kos sez Franken's up by 48

The Minnesota Canvassing Board today allocated the rest of the withdrawn challenged ballots, and Al Franken now unofficially leads by 48 votes. Crazy shit.

The Coleman campaign tried to get the board to reconsider some of its decisions, but was rebuffed.

Left to be decided -- 1) the claim by the Coleman campaign that some absentee ballots were counted twice (Nate discusses that issue here), and 2) the fate of over 1,000 improperly excluded absentee ballots.

The duplicate ballot issue is a hail mary by the Coleman campaign, as it's not expected to be necessarily favor its campaign, while the improperly excluded absentee ballots are expected to heavily favor Franken.

Al has won this thing. At this point it's just a matter of waiting out all the legal challenges and appeals.

Any time someone tells you "well, my vote just doesn't matter", point them towards this and say "yes it does, idiot." You don't know whether it'll be five thousand votes or just five votes. All you can do is do your part.

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