Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rewritten Whatzisname

"Again, to my Democratic friends: get over your Fox News fixation."

Yeah, the Canadian version sounds just as goofy.

Look: Only a few months after an election where critical, game-changing events happened on an opinion journalist's show, said journalist (and his network) were rewarded with a plum patronage position. Mike Duffy is the guy who probably worked the hardest out of anybody to scuttle the Liberals' chances; he was a balder, fatter O'Reilly except with poorer production values. And now he's a Conservative Senator.

Not that Iggy and his 'centrist' Liberal faction probably minded, considering they were—as is becoming awfully apparently—all for the scuttling, since they were confident of winning the prize. Duffy did them as much of a service as he did Harper. And since this is whatzisname we're talking about- he has no problem with playing nice with small 'c' conservatives as long as they haven't crossed him or his superiors. Harper was his best friend, too, until Harper made the mistake of letting his contempt for Chretien slip.

But, hey, what's done is done. Dion's gone, Iraq-or-bust-Iggy won the crown (kinda), and everybody's happy, right? Well, maybe not actual liberals, who await with baited breath what this "move to the center" is supposed to mean, exactly, but everybody else, right? Certainly CTV is happy: they're about the only journalists around with a viable retirement path!

I, for one, can't wait to see what Warren's reaction is when Fox North savages his guy. The Dems learned that lesson. The Liberals will too.

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