Friday, May 16, 2008

"What'd He Do, Kevin? What'd He Do?"

I don't praise Tweety often. I can barely stand to watch Tweety most of the time.

But, honestly, I'll give Chris Matthew credit here. This, right here:

Was an absolutely beautiful smackdown. An ignorant little Republican troll who exists only to feed raw meat to other ignorant Republicans got his ass absolutely handed to him, and rightly so. He hadn't the faintest idea what WWII was about beyond his talking points. When somebody doesn't even know what Chamberlain did, but just knows to label him an "appeaser", you know you need not waste your time with this waste of flesh.

But you know what? The real idiot here isn't Kevin James. It's the guy who pays him. Why does he have a radio show? He doesn't give good Radio Voice, he's not smart enough to be honestly controversial, and he doesn't appear to have an especially impressive background. He's just a jumped-up lawyer, and probably not even a good one at that. A good lawyer would be able to BS this.

Hat tip: TPM

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