Sunday, May 25, 2008

Keith, Bobby, and Hillary.

So, yeah, as we see over at Americablog, Olbermann got off to a big ol' rant about Clinton.

And here it is:

A bit over-the-top, but it gets to the essential problem here. It took her "anything-can-happen" justification for staying in the race and just made it ominous. It really sounds like she's saying that although she's not assuming that the man gets shot, she certainly isn't discounting it, and is preparing for that possibility.

Which is disturbing and creepy.

Though maybe that isn't the greatest problem. Maybe the greatest problem is that she didn't really apologize. She gave a weaselly little line about it, saying:

I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation, particularly for the Kennedy family was in any way offensive, I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever...
...but come on. Keith's right, this isn't even remotely close to a real apology, especially considering that she didn't even breath the word "Obama" when it was HIS DEATH SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT!

That's what kills me (heh) about her campaign. She's running on experience and competence. Yet we've seen none of that from either the campaign or the candidate. Her Senatorial record is something she's had to run away from, even though she's clearly been running for president since 2000. Her claims of "fighting for you against the Republicans", in light of her open triangulation, is way goofier than any of that "change" stuff from the Obama crew. She's run a campaign so poor that it managed to vaporize the kind of frontrunner advantage that the party has never seen in its history, leaving only the delusions of grandeur and inevitability in its wake.

Aside from a slightly better health care plan, and an army of middle-aged women who desperately (and understandably) finally want one of their own to become pres, she still hasn't answered the basic question of why the hell Americans should support her.

She's done a much better job of showing why they shouldn't, and Keith's right in that she's never done a better job than she did with this Bushian comment.

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