Tuesday, May 20, 2008

527 Follow-up to That Last Post

There's been a lot going around about how Obama's trying to stamp out independent organizations, especially 527s. (Good bit on it in the Washington Post.)

I don't think I need to tell you that this ain't gonna work. Progressive 527s don't just exist to get Dems elected, but to threaten to not help Dems get elected unless they act, well, progressive. Of course Obama's going to be against that, when he's got a fundraising machine of his very own.

But his fundraising machine won't be useful when you're trying to put the squeeze on him. That requires time, money, and personnel, all of which he ain't gonna pony up the dough for.

Plus, let's be honest: negative campaigning WILL happen. When it does, Obama doesn't want to be directly tied to it. He CERTAINLY doesn't want to have fundraised for it. McCain's just going through the motions; he'll be setting the dogs loose just as soon as Obama's the official nominee. If the Dems need to respond in kind, they'll need to let the "B-B-B-BUT SAMANTHA POWER GOT FIRED!" reaction go, and start doing some comparisons. And if it can't be on Obama's dime? Then it'll have to be on someone else's.

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