Friday, December 28, 2007

"The Résumé Factor"

Yeah, I've always kind of wondered how 8 Years as First Lady is supposed to count as credible foreign policy experience too.

Yes, ok, they chatted about his foreign policy decisions on a regular basis. Yes, she went on diplomatic trips and such.

She still wasn't cleared, she still never heard the debates, she still was alienated from him during critical foreign policy moments, and she's still never been in a decision-making position on this sort of thing. She's never even read the President's Briefing, apparently. She got almost everything from conversations with her husband, but that's just one man's interpretation and one man's opinion.

I'm not saying she didn't contribute, and I'm not saying that she wouldn't make a better president than any of the Republican field. (Even if Huckabee is funnier.) But she has to stop playing this game. Saying "I learned it at my husband's table" is one step away from "I learned it at my father's knee". And that way lies dynasty.

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