Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Changin' the Subtitle

I might have to, considering that the latest NIE makes war with Iran much less likely. Since the Iranians ended their nuclear weapons program back in 2003, rhetoric about "stopping their program" isn't going to have much effect.

Clearly Bush doesn't quite get how to handle it now, though. Just saw his press conference, and at a few points he chewed around the edges of his "working together to stop their nuclear program" talking point, even though he knows he can't actually use it. At one point, earlier on, he pretty much said "They stopped the program, so we need to put pressure on them to stop the program". Don't think anybody called him on it, but that's not exactly a big surprise, is it?

What WAS a big surprise was his reaction to a question involving a 19-year-old girl who was gang-raped and is getting lashed for her "impropriety". He "um"ed and "er"ed for something like thirty seconds before giving a lame answer referencing his daughter. He didn't, apparently, think it was important enough to mention to King Abdullah though.

Anyway, I doubt too many people are buying what he's selling. The headlines are going to be about his lost credibility and how ludicrous military action has just become. Considering how badly the neocons have been chomping their teeth to attack Iran, this has to be a HUGE setback.

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