Sunday, December 23, 2007

Murdoch is your Lord and Master Now!

Now that the FCC has approved broadcasters owning newspapers, that is. Many U.S. newspapers are hanging by a thread, but would be very tempting targets for, say, an Australian guy just hankering to get his popular-but-derided news station more credibility by scooping up the credibility of various newspapers.

Or, and here's the better part, now the Rev. Moon can start buying up broadcasters. Before it'd be a problem because he owned the Washington Times, but there's no reason why this sort of acquisition can't go the OTHER way around. I wonder how long it is before the Times will get a news channel with Moonie money?

(Or maybe some kind of joint venture, possibly named the Republican channel for convenience?)

Lovely. Especially the part where this came out around Christmas so nobody would pay attention.

By the by, in case I don't get the chance: Happy Holidays, folks. (Yes, even Hanukkah, though I know that was a little while ago. Happy belated, I suppose.)

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