Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Comedy

Jeff Goldstein:

"bandwidth sucking c*cklords"

Oh, you want context?

In fact, his
(as seen on Digbysblog) —Loven stole HIS idea about the strawmans, we’re told / and Atrios was exactly right that I’m an idiot who doesn’t realize my own idiocy (a pronouncement, incidentally, that can only be made by one who assumes he is far more intelligent than the object of his scorn, which position essentially deconstructs the study in the Atrios post tristero fellates, or else proves it to his detriment, I’m not sure which)—is par for the course with these bandwidth sucking c*cklords.
That weird space in the middle of the link was in the original comment, by the way. As was the ironic bad sentence structure and misuse of the word "deconstruct" in a sentence intended to argue that he is not unintelligent.

Don't get me wrong; I'm no prude about profanity. It's still really, really funny, though, as is Jeff's in-text square-bracket responses in his comment threads. One brought up the perfect summary of Jeff's writing:

"You bring nothing to the discourse here other than your public masturbations."

Wank on, you shining star.

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