Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fear and Feingold

Over at MyDD:

According to Progress Now, Senator Wayne 'Whiny' Allard, Republican of Colorado, accused Feingold of 'siding with terrorists' by introducing his censure resolution. They have a petition up demanding Allard apologize. Frankly, Senator Whiny Allard should be expelled from the Senate for accusing a colleague of treason.

Senator Feingold, you are a man of integrity and a real Democrat.

I'm proud of your strength and your leadership.

Senator Allard, your weak, cowardly nature means that you don't know what it means to fight the fear that terrorists seek to spread. You and conservatives like you enable terrorists with your weakness and posturing. May I recommend Depends brand undergarments, in case you soil yourself in the Senate as you cower in the corner?
This is just getting absurd- now it's treason to dare to formally say that the President is doing a bad job? That's all that Russ Feingold's censure resolution means, after all; it doesn't carry the force of impeachment. I mean, yes, this is an attempt at intimidation, and everybody knows that, especially those making the accusation. Still, one is forced to wonder just how egregious the crime would have to be before the "wartime prez" types relent.

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