Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hoo boy

This Bush press conference is comedy gold. He's spinning like a top, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. Helen Thomas eviscerated him, and answer to the question on Rumsfeld's incompetence contained more fantasy than a Lord of the Rings marathon.

....oh crap, he actually brought out Social Security and attempted to assert, still, that it's in trouble.

...now he's calling for "bipartisanship" on the issue!

...he's being confronted on the censure/impeachment thing. He's chattering about "partisanship" and dodging it by saying "Dems hate protecting freedom". Like that's going to fly.

Anyway, enough liveblogging. I doubt this will change public opinion that much, but it reinforces that the white house press corps ain't happy, at the very least with Bush, and have turned the White House into a free-fire zone.

Even though their corporate masters seem to be moving in the opposite direction--working even harder to suck up to the right-- it's always a welcome sight.

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