Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Um, wow. I had mentioned that Atrios was big now, but according to the new 'n improved N.Z. Bear ecosystem, he's the third highest blogger (in terms of inbound links) on the internet. Here's the top twenty:

Higher Beings
1. Instapundit (759) details
2. Eric Alterman (634) details
3. Eschaton (Atrios) (398) details
4. Andrew Sullivan (367) details

5. USS Clueless (366) details
6. James Lileks (354) details
7. TAPPED (353) details
8. Little Green Footballs (345) details
9. The Volokh Conspiracy (341) details
10. Joshua Marshall (315) details

Mortal Humans
11. CalPundit (292) details
12. MaxSpeak (288) details
13. Stephen Green (278) details
14. Daily Kos (274) details
15. The Truth Laid Bear (272) details ** WMDI **
16. The Weigh In (269) details
17. Tim Blair (267) details
18. Rittenhouse Review (263) details
19. Cold Fury (252) details
20. Asymmetrical Information (249) details
Notice something? The bolded text up top? Your eyes aren't deceiving you: Eric Alterman is second, Atrios is third, and both are beating (excuse my language) ANDREW F***ING SULLIVAN, who was until recently second only to Instazilla in popularity and easily outstripped him in notoriety.

As for me? I come in at 71, which makes me a "Marauding Marsupial" and, oddly enough, places me one spot ahead of the Media Horse itself, which kind of bothers me. (It also places me healthily ahead of Mickey Kaus, which doesn't.)

Anyway, props to Alterman and Atrios.

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