Wednesday, March 05, 2003

A fine rant by Atrios:

Christians are great. Devout Christians are great. Devout fundamentalist Christians are great. Devout evangelical Christians who are light on the evangelical are fine. Theocrats are not. People shoving their religious beliefs down my throat, giving me no respect for mine, and wishing to put religion into the public schools are not fine. People who would rather violate federal anti-dscrimination regulations than receive federal funding are not fine. People whose sick beliefs make them want to inflict torture on others by attempting to "cure" young gay and lesbian kids in "conversion camps" are not fine.
On a related note, the creators of "The Shield" have demonstrated a LOT of guts by incorporating a "curing homosexuality" plotline into the show. No matter how it comes out, it's guaranteed to offend somebody: if it works, gay advocacy groups will go ballistic, and if it doesn't work the theocratic (or overly wishful) elements within the Christian right will no doubt do the same. They had to have known, and demonstrated a lot of bravery in deciding to do the plotline anyway. Honestly it's that bravery, not the corruption or violence or whatnot, that makes me like that show so much.

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