Monday, March 24, 2003

From the Agonist:
11:15 CST It does seem to me that there is a total lockdown as to casualties and the brweing fight in the southwest of Iraq. All my sources are drying up. I do have some decent ones. They have nothing. This is in response to someone in the comments. Sorry it is not reassuring.

No, Sean, it isn't. Although I have heard some more upbeat reactions, including from posters on Sean's own site, I'm starting to become very, very worried about what's really going on. Especially if the information that can be found at this site translating a russian intel site is true... it paints a picture of a war that has gone badly wrong, and a press corps that is neither allowed nor particularly eager to tell us how bad.

Still, I'll keep checking, and repeat what I wrote on Sean's own site: his site is quite possibly the most important one on the Net right now. It's data concentration, but it's damned good data concentration: the agonist has turned from a decent blog into a paradigmatic one. Ignore the yahoos over at the "command post" site that mistake editorializing for reporting... Sean's the real deal.

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