Friday, February 14, 2003

Well, Blix appears to be sticking to his story...he hasn't found weapons, nor evidence that weapons are being moved around, but doesn't have enough proof to conclude that the Iraqis have decommissioned and/or destroyed said weapons.

Around a week and change ago, I would have said "well, what about what Powell said"? After the deep questioning of the credibility of Powell's presentation that I've heard, and the outright contradiction of it by Blix (especially on Powell's "rolling labs" bit), a man whom doesn't seem particularly inclined towards apologizing for the Iraqis, and the low comedy that was the British dossier...

...well, let's just say I doubt that the Security Council is going to come around anytime soon.

Were it not obvious that Bush is going to invade anyway, the logical thing to do would be to implement the "more inspectors/UN troops in Iraq" proposal; even if there are proscribed weapons, it's unlikely that they would be in any usable condition anytime soon. As it is, however, it's perfectly clear that the Bush administration is willing to jettison the U.N., NATO, the goodwill of the other major powers, and the support of anything but self-interested client states in their anxiety to start this thing.

Once again, the question I continually worry about isn't Iraq... it's what comes after Iraq.

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