Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Friendly advice to D-squared Digest:

Stop. Just, stop. Really, it's not worth it. The man is impervious to logic, reason, or any interpretation of reality that doesn't paint it as the bastard child of Tom Clancy and Westwood studios. I mean, he came right out and said that he only does the (minor) research necessary to back up his already-decided viewpoints, and this after coming out and saying that the only real font of knowledge someone needs to understand politics is a background in engineering.

And let's not forget the paranoid rants about my pseudonymous megalomania.

Really, you're smart, insightful, and funny. You have better things to do.

On the other hand, summarizing up his novel-length entries with this:

-I've never served in uniform.

-My dislike of the French is independent of any facts about the world.

-I have intricate knowledge of the command and control structure of the Iraqi Army, and astonishingly enough, the news is Good For The War Party!
might actually be worth it. But you forgot "I fear and loathe those with obvious pseudonyms". Make a note of it.

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