Saturday, February 01, 2003

It will be interesting to hear the reactions of the governments who have sought to subvert American interests of late. Will they respond as true friends with unconditional support? Or will they merely mouth perfunctory expressions of sympathy and then try to use the moment to send the message that we cannot count on their support if we do not subvert our own national security interests to their own. Rest assured, Canada, Germany, France, we’ll be watching very carefully.
and this (no quotes, just general Glennuendo, misinterpretation, and general foreigner bashing) make me almost as nauseated as the disaster itself. Word to the wise: nobody cares if you feel insulted or not, and anybody with any sense of common decency and etiquette would just ignore a badly worded question and a few talk-radio loonies, due to having the elementary intelligence necessary to realize that CANADIANS ARE NOT GOING TO GLORY IN THE DEATH OF AMERICAN ASTRONAUTS, YOU MISERABLE LUNATIC BASTARDS. To insinuate otherwise is sadly pathetic.

And people wonder why I don't link to Instapundit.

Edit: What he said.

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