Monday, August 11, 2003

My apologies for the lack of updates today, but I've been extraordinarily busy and haven't had the chance to update. I will be able to write a bit more later on tonight.

In the meantime, I'll just quote a favorite bit I just saw over at Matt Yglesias' site:

Check out the update to this InstaPost which appears to suggest that someday Glenn Reynolds may learn the lesson that while Paul Krugman is an actual economist (albeit a shrill one), Donald Luskin is a ranting, inept, hack who has trouble grasping elementary math.
I would have figured that he'd clue in when Luskin discredited himself with that job growth bit. Not surprising that Luskin keeps popping up, though, when one is as desperate as Glenn is to find somebody to reconfirm his beliefs in the face of the good Professor's continuous outpouring of truth. Like most of the "Krugman truth squad", it has nothing to do with "fact-checking"- it has nothing to do with facts- and has everything to do with staving off cognitive dissonance for just one more day.

Nowadays, though, it's gotta be getting harder and harder.

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