Thursday, December 19, 2002

The Farmer brought up something really bloody disturbing on my message board:

"Dictatorship in the United States would most likely be demobilizing, seeking to keep people in their homes, rather than putting them on the streets in or in uniform. An American dictatorship would clothe itself in constitutional and legal forms; it would cultivate an aura of non-partisan technocracy and business expertise, not a feverish cult of the genius-leader and the masses. An American Feuher would not rant and stut, but crack jokes and adopt the relaxed, ironic, "cool" style of a television host."
source: - Michael Lind, "The Next American Nation; The New Nationalism and the Fourth American Revolution"
I'm not quite sure that Bush fits that latter description, and my vision of what a fascist American state would look like differs (looks more like the movie version of "Starship Troopers", which is one of the reasons why I liked both the book and the movie for different reasons), but it's close enough that it's bloody disturbing. Especially considering that, as I mentioned last night, they are now rounding up peaceful immigrants and throwing them in jail for the crime of being Iranian.

If this keeps up, somebody's going to have to declare Godwin's law suspended. Or, if not, start talking about Italians an awful lot.

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