Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mark Halperin Called the President of the United States "A Dick"

Don't believe me? Here's the little toad himself.

This is the state of America in 2011, folks. This is the state of the world.
He even joked about it. He said "do we have a seven second delay?" He thought about this. This wasn't a stupid outburst, this was PLANNED.

Mark Halperin, you just outed yourself as a fucking prick. Good job, asshat. I hope this suspension you got is permanent.

Edit: And while Greg Sargent is right that the problem is less the use of the word "dick" and more why he used the word "dick", it's part-and-parcel with a press corps that carries Republicans' water and treats Democrats with nothing but contempt. It's occasionally amiable contempt, sure, like they had for the Pelosi House and for the Clinton White House. But there's rarely any respect there, and never the sort of pants-wetting fear that they have of the Republicans and their various creatures.

I don't care that he used swears. He can call people dicks all day long. He's an asshat, they do that. What earned the suspension is the CONTEMPT.

Re-Edit: And here's David Axelrod earning the contempt, by saying all these nice things about a man who called his boss a dick.

David, he called your boss a dick. You're allowed to be mean to him. You're allowed to withhold your forgiveness, at least for a time. You're allowed to not act like his friend, because he is most assuredly NOT yours.

For once in your administration's life, treat the gutter hacks the way they deserve to be treated.

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