Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jonathan Chait Carrying Republicans' Water??

Who'd have thunk it?

Keep in mind that the Chait-Lieberman-Coburn proposal would not only raise the age of Medicare, and not only force vulnerable seniors into a co-payment at the very point when Social Security is under assult, but would inevitably serve as starting point for the Republicans to negotiate away from. They would just pocket the advantage and scream for more, as they ALWAYS do.

Then again, should we expect anything else from someone who responded to an Evan Bayh tantrum by agreeing that "I hate a lot of left bloggers too?" One who responded to Jonah Goldberg's ludicrous whinging by pointing out all the times that he attacked (supposed) fellow progressives, so many that he (in his own words) "stopped copying links because my wrist got tired?"

(And then there's this destructive babble.)

You'd think he'd know better about trying to appease or support Republicans, or Republicans-lite like Lieberman. It doesn't matter how much he says that he hates "lefties", he's still going to get lumped in with them and attacked by the wingnuts he's trying so desperately to ingratiate himself with. It will NEVER be enough. But, hell, he'll keep on trying.

How could he not? He's with TNR. That's what they do.

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