Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama's Dead, and Obama Got Him

Yep. It's true. That bastard's toast, and it was the demmycrat that was responsible.

Not even in a figurative sense, either. Go read Chris Bowers' Twitter feed. Obama was given the information back in February, chaired the meetings that set out the operation while they confirmed the location, and gave the go-ahead on Friday.

Bowers quotes officials as saying "Administration officials believe bin Laden's death will put Al-Qaeda on path of decline that will be difficult to reverse." Can't disagree there. They were already on the downslope; this is going to be a body blow that will likely be the end of the organization. We can only hope.

It's instructive, though. Eight years of Republican rule, and nothing happens. After a little over two years, it's the Democrats that get it done. It's just another reminder of how incompetent the Republicans really are. I can only hope that, when 2012 rolls around, the American people will remember that too.

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  1. IT ALL STARTED WITH BUSH. He put us troops in Saudi Arabia and would not take them out. Before him, they could not have found us on a map and did not want to.

  2. augustus8185:11 AM

    Wow. How completely and utterly fucking retarded. If Al-Qaeda is so utterly and irreversibly vanquished then we can pack up and leave Afghanistan, right? Oh and by the way with that psycho Zawahiri running things you expect another round of 9/11's (that's right plural). You can go back to sucking the emperor's cock now.

  3. Yes, because if there's anything that characterizes my attitude towards the President of the day over the last 8 years, it's fawning adoration.

    Get a grip.

    Yes, this is going to do immense damage to AQ. This is a tremendous psychological blow to an already-damaged organization. And, no, this does not mean the end of the Afghanistan conflict, because the conflict in Afghanistan is not solely (or even principally) against Al Qaeda. It's far more complex than that.

    The point is that the Republicans' unwarranted advantage on national defense issues was completely unwarranted. And now, finally, the American people have received incontrovertible proof. No matter how you look at either Obama or Osama, that is something that progressives can feel good about.

  4. FOX is dropping bricks.

  5. Al-Qaeda means 'the base'; in this case --the computer data base of thousands of mujahideen trained and recruited by the CIA. The mission: defeat the Russians. The source for how 'al Qaeda' got its name is Sir Robin Cook, the former British Foreign Secretary. The CIA and the Saudis are said to have used Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to fund and arm to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. After the Russians gave up Bush wanted to kill off the Commie government they left. That's how OBL was put into power. In fact, Bin Laden was working for the CIA. he said he set a trap to get Americans on Moslem soil so they could be blooded. and make enemies. Our Bill would not bite so he came up with 9-11, he said. Bush's neo-con cowboys were eager to run in. And kill who knows how many. They are people of the book. They are really big on a eye for a eye. Bush put out lots of eyes. The Saudis buy piece for themselves by funding about all the terror. Its not close to over. But if we came home?

  6. [CARTOON] Osama Bin Laden Killed