Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hamas/Fatah Pact?

No idea if this is true, but according to one source, it may be that Hamas and Fatah are putting their differences behind them.

Earlier on Wednesday delegations headed by Musa Abu Marzoka, member of Hamas Politburo member, and Azzam al-Ahmad, member of Fatah central committee started talks to reach the long awaited unity deal mediated by the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Nabeel al-Arabi.

Sources close to Azzam al-Ahmad of Fatah told PNN that the deal have in fact been signed adding that al-Ahmad and Abu Marzoka will announced the deal in a press conference at 8:00 PM ( 9:00 PM local Palestinian time).

In a phone call from Cairo al-Ahmad told PNN “we have reached reconciliation deal and both Fatah and Hamas have signed it.”

According to sources in Cairo that Fatah and Hamas signed the initial deal, while other Palestinian groups will arrive in Cairo within a week to sign the deal as well.
Given that it's in the Times as well, it's probably credible.

Wow. And I'd thought the stories about Canada possibly ending up under a social democratic government were surprising. THIS could change the face of the entire region.


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    This peace initiative between Hamas and Fatah is extremely bad news for the Likud government headed by Netayahu which depends on a 'divide and rule' policy in order the prevent any progress in the establishment of an autonomous Palestinian state in the West bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capital. Israel, under Likud, has hitherto been able to maintain the fiction that there is no partner with whom to negotiate for peace, and that apparently gives it the right to expand further its network of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
    These are difficult times for Netanyahu. He is well aware that the tide of history is turning against his party's years of prevarication and obstruction and that America is slowly coming to the conclusion that AIPAC's influence in Congress and the Senate is wholly disproportional to its membership. The US has a population in excess of 308 million whilst the Israeli lobby campaigns on behalf of a foreign state of just 7 million.
    The thought of Hamas being recognized by the international community will cause consternation in Israeli political circles and within AIPAC. Their reaction will be interesting to say the least.

    JRDK London

  2. Fatah will eventually find them standing on shifting sands or be forced into civil war. This time the war will be fought in the cities of the west bank. Not Gaza.