Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unarmed Libyans Being Attacked by "Foreign Mercenaries"

Gaddafi's making Mubarak look like a reasonable man. According to the AJE Live Blog Gaddafi's son is warning of "civil war"...but as Najla Abdurahman put it on the Live Blog, how on earth could that be worse than what Libyans have had to deal with for the last 40 years?

Meanwhile Robert Fisk is in Bahrain, where he reveals that the people are making it clear that they are in control, repression or no repression. It isn't Libya or Egypt, not yet. This will not necessarily end in revolution. But if change doesn't happen soon, the Khalifas will be lucky if they get away with a simple transition to constitutional monarchy.

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  1. Last I heard Libyan fighter jets were firing indiscriminately into crowded areas, killing both anti-Qaddaffi protesters and pro-Qaddaffi thugs. Hopefully they're also wiping out a few of those African and North Korean (allegedly, but quite likely) mercenaries.