Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gaddafi May Go On...

...but I cannot possibly see how. Strong leaders don't strafe their own people with gunfire from fighter jets. That's not a sign of strength—that's a sign of weakness.

Anyway, latest AJE liveblog is here. One react to Gaddafi's latest rant:

Anoushka Kurkjian, a Middle East consultant told Al Jazeera the address was "a typical Gaddafi speech". She said "Gaddafi's resiliance is not in doubt" and it can't be ruled out that he will stay in power for as long as he can.

She added: "The structures of the state are disintegrating. There is that shift from Gaddafi towards an alternitive, but that hasn't yet taken shape."

Regarding the Arab League expelling Libya, she said "The Arab League has been muted by saying that it's suspending Libya. If the death toll does mount, reactions will become more thoughtful."
I suspect that part of the problem is that the Arab League has no idea who's next. It's difficult to expel someone for pulling the same sort of repression that you might be contemplating in a few weeks or so.

As for U.S. reactions...Obama's being cautious, as always, but I suspect that Kerry is speaking for him by saying that the attacks were "despicable" and that the regime cannot go on. He did seem to sort of pass the buck to the UN, though, by saying that "United Nations leadership is on the line. Libya's mission to the UN bravely condemned their own government. Now UN action is critical." But that may just be Obama signalling to the rest of the Security Council that this shit will not fly with the Prez.

(Not sure what good it'll do, though. China is going to be loathe to go along with a serious condemnation. Not when they're scared stiff about what might happen to THEM.)

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