Thursday, August 26, 2010

So Apparently Dems Are Worried That They'll Lose the House

More so than they were, that is.

Funny thing how focusing on the deficit and on "bipartisanship" didn't pay any dividends, huh? We now know for a fact that the stimulus wasn't big enough (though most of us knew beforehand). We also always knew that stimulating job growth at all costs was the #1 job of the Democratic Congress, and what they'd be ultimately judged on.

We also knew that the Republicans were going to do whatever they could to block that, because it'd pay off for them. Doesn't matter how crazy they are. It's the Dems that are under the gun, not the Reps, and no amount of impassioned reminders that the Republicans' terrible governance was responsible for this will help.

But the Dems have done practically nothing, thanks principally to the Senate "blue dogs" that they protect so jealously, and time is running out. A whole lot of 'em are probably going to lose their jobs thanks to all this.

Appropriate, that, considering how they haven't given a damn about anybody else's jobs. Except, maybe, bond traders.

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